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Cream soup of asparagus
with roasted almonds
4,80 €

Asparagus salad with smoked salmon
herb cream and potato rösti (potato hashbrowns)
14,50 €

Homemade greyerzer cheese ravioli
with king oyster mushrooms & green asparagus
and lemon-thyme-butter
15,50 €

"Asparagus au gratin"
1 lb. asparagus baked with ham and
cheese, sauce hollandaise and potatoes
15,00 €


wedding soup (beef broth)
4,50 €

clear game broth "Hubertus"
5,50 €

french onion soup
with croûtons, au gratin with cheese
5,00 €

tomato soup
4,50 €


6 escargot Elsass style 
with toasted bread 
8,00 €

baked goat cheese
 with leave salad, cherry tomatos and caramelized walnuts
9,50 €


 Tomahawk chop (350g) from our regional partners
with fried potatoes, green-bean-salad and mustard
17,50 €

Schnitzel (from our regional partners) with cream sauce
french fries and salad garnish 
15,00 €

Fillet skewer salsa
chicken, pork and beef medallions
with mango salsa, croquettes and salad
18,50 €

Chicken breast fillet Ticino style
gratinated with cranberries and camembert, 
croquettes and salad
18,00 €


-classic herb butter, baked potato with herb quark and salad 24,00 €

-American with fried bacon strips and tomatoes, herb butter, steak fries and salad 25,00 €

Spare ribs

BBQ spare ribs (from our regional partner Bauer & Metzger)
with two spicy sauces, baked potato with herb quark and salad
17,50 € / half a serving 14,00 €




game pan

game goulash with cranberry filled pear, potato rösti ( hash browns) and red cabbage
19,00 €

vegetarian and fish

Brown Lentil Curry (Vegan)
with roasted eggplants, bell pepper, 
dried apricots and flatbread
11,50 €

Fish of the day
with creamed cabbage and spice oriental rice
-market price-

For the little ones

Donald Duck
chicken crossies with fries and mayonnaise
5,00 €

Mobby Dick
fish fingers with fries and mayonnaise
5,00 €



grandma Klara’s apple cake

warm from the oven, with vanilla ice cream and cream
5,00 €




homemade dessert specialities

ice cream bowl black & white
vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, 
eggnog and cream
4,50 €

 cinnamon parfait
with hot cherries and cream
7,00 €