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seasonal dishes

Chanterelle cream soup
with Pumpernickelbread croûtons

Mixed summer salad
with feta-cheese,
Turkey strips baked in panko flour

Porkfilet with fresh chanterelles with cream sauce
small Kartoffelrösti (hash browns) and vegetables

Argentinian Rumpsteak with fresh chanterelles & onions
roasted potatoes and salad

Schnitzel with fresh chanterelles & onions
fries and salad


wedding soup
(beef broth)

french onion soup
with croûtons, au gratin with cheese

tomato soup
with gin and cream


6 escargot Elsass style 
with toasted bread 

baked goat cheese
 with leave salad, cherry tomatos and caramelized walnuts


Schnitzel with pepper sauce
french fries and salad garnish 

Schnitzel Budapest Style
with spicy paprika-tomato-currysauce, french fries and salad garnish

Fillet skewer salsa
chicken, pork and beef medallions
with tomato-mango-salsa, croquettes and salad

Chicken breast fillet Ticino style
gratinated with cranberries and camembert, 
croquettes and salad


-classic herb butter, baked potato with herb quark and salad

-American with fried bacon strips and tomatoes, herb butter, steak fries and salad

Spare ribs

BBQ spare ribs (from our regional partner Bauer & Metzger)
with two spicy sauces, baked potato with herb quark and salad


game pan game goulash with cranberry filled pear, potato rösti ( hash browns) and applesauce


Lobster & pike-perch filet with lobster sauce, oriental spiced rice and salad 21,50€

Small dishes

Farmer breakfast
omelette with pan fried potatos raw ham and a pickle

Brown Lentil Curry (Vegan)
with roasted eggplants, paprika, 
dried apricots and flatbread

For the little ones

Donald Duck
chicken crossies with fries and mayonnaise

Mobby Dick
fish fingers with fries and mayonnaise

grandma Klara’s apple cake

warm from the oven, with vanilla ice cream and cream

homemade dessert specialities

ice cream bowl black & white
vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, 
eggnog and cream

 dessert variation
two homemade parfaits
with seasonal fruits and cream

Cinnamon parfait
with hot plums and cream

Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries and whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream with homemade rum pot and whipped cream