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wedding soup (beef broth)
3,80 €

tomato soup with gin und cream
3,80 €

french onion soup
with crôutons, au gratin with cheese
4,30 €




6 escargot Elsass style
with buttertoast
7,00 €

goat cheese au gratin
with leave salad, cherry tomatos and caramelized walnuts
8,50 €




two turkey steaks Tessin style
with cranberries and Camembert au gratinpotato croquettes and salad
16,00 €

Pork fillet with pepper sauce
grilled vegetables and fried potatoes
16,00 €

Filet / Skewer / Salsa
medaillons of turkey, pork and beef
tomato-mango-salsa, potato croquettes and salad
17,00 €

Roulade of beef
with red cabbage and boiled potatoes
17,00 €




from the Argentinian upland beef

herb butter, backed potato with herbcurd and salad
21,50 €

with fried bacon and tomatos herb butter, steak fries and salad
22,50 €

with herb butter, green beans with bacon, fresh button mushrooms, onion rings and pan fried potatoes
22,50 €




game pan
game goulash with cranberry filled pear, potato rösti ( hash browns) and red cabbage
16,00 €

game platter
for 2 person
boar roulade, saddle and haunch of venison,
with fresh grapesauce,
broccoli, red cabbage and boiled potatoes
43,00 €




pan fried fillet of sea bass
white lemon browned butter sauce,
oriental rice and salad
19,50 €

Herring "Büsumer Art"
with onion rings & fresh crabs, needle beans and fried potatoes
13,50 €

Herring "Hausfrauen Art"
with onion & apples, sour cream and potatoes
12,50 €




homemade Greyerzer cheese ravioli
with chestnut-truffle sauce and fried button mushrooms
12,00 € /starter portion 8,50 €

during summer season this dish is served with
Green Aspargus & trumpet horn mushrooms
and lemon-thyme-butter
12,80 €

Chickpea patties
with grilled vegetables and oriental rice
9,50 €



Spare ribs

BBQ spare ribs
with two spicy sauces, baked potato with herb curd and salad
14,00 € / small portion 11,00 €




Jägerschnitzel (mushroom sauce)
with fries
12,00 €

Zigeunerschnitzel (bell pepper sauce)
with fries
12,00 €

with pineapple and cheese au gratin potato croquettes
12,00 €



Small dishes

Farmer breakfast
omelette with pan fried potatos raw ham and a pickle
8,50 €

Mixed salad with avocado
fresh herbs, ewe's cheese, sauce vinaigrette and buttertoast
9,50 €
+ slices of fried turkey 2,50€

Baked potato
with mediterranean vegetables, ewe's cheese and herb curd

For our small guests

Donald Duck chicken nuggets with fries and mayonnaise 4,50 €

Mobby Dick fish fingers with fries and mayonnaise 4,50 €

Small Schnitzel with vegetables and fries 5,50 €



grandma Klara’s apple cake

warm from the oven, with vanilla ice cream and cream
4,50 €



homemade parfait

cinnamon parfait
with hot cherries and cream
5,50 €

dessert variation
with two parfaits, fruits, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
6,00 €



Ice cream

ice cream bowl kids
strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and whipped cream
2,80 €

red berry compote
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
4,00 €

ice & hot
vanilla ice cream with hot cherries and whipped cream
5,00 €

ice cream bowl black & white
vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and egg liqueur
4,50 €

vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream
5,50 € (seasonal)

vanilla ice cream with homemade rum pot and whipped cream
5,50 € (seasonal)